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 Celestial's Toll

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PostSubject: Celestial's Toll   Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:41 pm

The night was high in Mistralton City. From the airport, a woman was exiting. Beside her, a luminating

Lampent kept by her side.
"You ready?" She said, looking at her partner.
The lamp pokemon gave a nod, and they were off. They left the city and walked north, going through the walkway, and

soon coming to a halt.
Before them was a tall building that could touch the heavens.
The woman smiled softly and with a glance to her partner they walked into the tower. As they entered the first thing they

saw were gravestones beyond rows of gravestones. Most had flowers and other small decor while some even had

pokeballs tied in rope around them.
She nodded in respect to them before advancing to the next floor.
By the next floor, she saw a few people beside certain graves and placing flowers. Some even talking to their deceased,

but listening, pokemon. Another smile graced her face.
Her Lampent hugged to her close and gave a small hum. Noticing the spirit's closer, she placed a hand on his lid.
"It's ok, my dear." She muttered, "Let's move on. We want to reach the bell before sunrise."

The third floor had a few more people, some this time elderly. Lampent kept close, but looked apon the others with

They advanced another floor before reaching the roof. All around was the shadows of clouds and the illumination of the

moon and Lampent. Before them, the Celestial Tower Bell stood greatly.
She walked the steps toward the bell, her Lampent falling slightly behind.
As they stood before the silver bell, she turned toward the Lampent and held a hand towards him.
"Ready to dance, dear?"
Lampent extended his arm and took her hand.
The two danced together in harmony. Her emerald dress swayed to each turn, flowing around her figure heavenly. Once

the rays of dawn emerged from the horizon, the two slowed to a stop and stared at eachother. From Lampent's flame, a

figure appeared behind him.
A boy with chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes looked at the green haired girl and frowned slightly. He wore a suit of black

with green trims.
"My beautiful Jinn." His voice echoed with the wind, "May your life be blessed with happiness."
From his chest, a purple flame glowed. Matching the one inside Lampent, who gave his partner a sad look.

The morning came and with a smile, and a tear, she rung the Celestial Bell. Its gong echoed throughout the tower and

most likely all of Mistralton City. She turned back toward Lampent and gave the pokemon a hug.
The sun's rays shined bright and it hit the green stone of her ring, which was on her left.
"Oh Ivan..." She cried, "I miss you so!"
Lampent, Ivan, hugged her tight. Comforting the crying girl.
"Jinn, I miss you also. But we shall always be together." The phantom boy whispered, "To both our ends, we'll be together

His figure disappeared slowly, the flame in Lampent growing stronger.

The two left the tower and Jinn threw a pokeball into the air. "Come, Cerberus!"
A red light came from the black pokeball and a large three headed dragon emerged.
"Hydreigon!" He roared looking at his mistress with sympathy. She got on his back and hugged the center neck.
"Take me home...please." She said with a tired voice.
Lampent looked at Cerberus with a sad look and nodded. He nodded back and lifted up toward the sky.
Celestial's Toll
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