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 Epic's Poems

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PostSubject: Epic's Poems   Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:08 am

Enjoy!!! :D

The Movies

Form: Freestyle
As you relax with a bowl of popcorn,
The Movie was about to begin.
The Creators come together, with flustering imaginations,
To show that their effort was not thin.
Their stories can have


And as you watch their stories,
You stare at the screen, not taking a breath.
As you entangle yourself in the spectacle,
These timeless pieces of art,
Can likely grasp a viewer's heart.
These adventures may sometimes be


However, at many times, These stories can be inspiring,
As well as enlightening.

These fantastic fantasies have no end,
Their Battles and Sadness, they attempt to mend.

When you exit the room, as the Movie is done,
The Viewers' Imaginations has been won.

(And Now, a Really Short one, only 3 lines)

Her Eyes

Form: Freestyle

Her eyes glistened in the daylight,
Like teal embers, brightening the soul.
Her eyes, like those of the Heavens above.

The Champion

Form: Freestyle
We walked into that room, each and every one of us, at one point in our life.

The doors ominously closed around us, as She appeared.

She commended us for our work so far, but we had to prove ourselves, one last time. She sends in her strongest warrior to finish us off.

But not to her knowledge, we were prepared. Our Guardian Angels were present...

to protect us,

to guide us through this battle,

to cast off the troubles of the world.

We summoned these Guardians, and the battle was just beginning.

It was the toughest opponent yet, but none of us were to give in.

We sent in more warriors, and cast deadly attacks with the elements.

It seemed to all of us, that we were in desperate need of a victory.

She was anxious to win, but to no avail.

Your first one,

your lead,

your Starter.

...Finished it off....

And you acheived Victory.

It seems as if the entire world smiled at us at that moment....

As the Credits reeled in.

And we closed our DS.

The Magikarp

Form: Limmerick

There once was a Magikarp who attacked,

Magikarp then, with a Solarbeam, got smacked.

The trainers thought he was bad,

The Magikarp was then sad,

So Magikarp pulled out a Mac.

Epic's Poems
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