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 Xero: The unity of all

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PostSubject: Xero: The unity of all   Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:38 am

So, little by little, I'll add in pieces of the story. Feel free to add advice and opinions on improving! NO COMMENTS OF "This sucks", "This is epic" OR ANYTNING ALIKE, ONLY THAT STATED ABOVE. ALL REPLIES MUST USE PROPER SPELLING, GRAMMAR, AND PUNCTUATION. I'D LIKE TO UNDERSTAND THEM. Thank you. Now, the story.

-Begin Intro

Six years after his last adventure chasing down Cell X through Mario's world(Lol), Xero was called for his biggest mission yet. Gather heroes and fight the true evil behind, quite literally, everything.

-End Intro
Xero: The unity of all
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