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 (RAWL) Underground Metal City

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PostSubject: (RAWL) Underground Metal City   Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:35 pm

As you walk into a big grey shiny hall. You can see the big gym badge symbol and above a weird looking button. you press the button and a silver cage appears out of the ground. You go into it the doors close and you can see a big red button. You press the button, it goes undergournd. When you are going underground you could see a giant metalic city, shining weirdly underground. The small cage finally came to the ground and you walk into the deserted city, while a slow scared feeling gets over you slowly while you go to the underground metalic castle. You come in and see a blond haired guy with sky blue eyes sitting in a metalic chair. ''I am Ian the gym leader, come on and defeat me if you can'', when you looked to the ground you could see a battlefield appearing.

-Single battles only
-You can choose any type you want

Name: Ian
Fiend code: Pm me and i will send it to you
Game: X or Y
(RAWL) Underground Metal City
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