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 Pokemon Meets Halo(T For Teen)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Meets Halo(T For Teen)   Wed May 22, 2013 12:31 am

(Rated T for violence, language, and a little bit of blood.)
-Console- Onboard UNSC Warship Trojan Horse
-Acess Audio-Visual Log

On the bridge, the command center of the UNSC Trojan Horse, things were getting very hectic.
And in the center of it all, was Captain Alex Morales. Morales was one hard-ass. Former ODST who transferred to Nav-Com, he had the highest record Covenant kills on board the ship, even among the active ODST's. But this, this was something he had never faced before. During a routine Slip-Space jump to Harvest, a planet that was reclaimed in the post Human-Covenant war. But, something seems to have gone wrong. They ended up over an unidentified planet. It appeared to have humans, but strange land masses. It was not recorded as a colony in any UNSC log. Something was very wrong.
"Captain!" A techie sprinted up to the Captain, who shot him a weary look.
"What is it, techie? This'd better be good."
"Well, sir, uh, we've talked it over and we've come to the decision that we uh need to deploy ground troops to gather further information."
The Captain nodded. "If only for the sake of finding out where the hell we are. Corporal Larange, inform Corporal Theo that his squad's being dropped. The'll go in concealed by a meteor shower in fifteen. Move!"
-Data Skip Authorized
-Fourteen Minutes Later
"You ready to drop, fellas?"
Corporal Theo asked of his ODST group of five, including himself.
Each replied with variants of, and often swear filled, yes.
Theo felt his pod lurch and felt a dropping sensation.
"Away we go, folks!" He chuckled.
"This reminds me of dropping into Covenant worlds." Said Private Simmons, one of Theo's squad. "Not knowing what to expect, but almost definite danger."
"Suck it up, Big Guy." Said another private, Private Buckley. "I'm sure it's just another normal human world, and the computer is being an idiot."
"Cut the chatter!" Theo barked. "We're entering atmosphere."
Each of the ODST's shut their mouths and braced themselves.
When they entered the atmosphere, each of the ODST's pods did a series of flips, and began to burn on the outside.
"NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" One of the privates shouted, Private Eckers. Something in his pod had broken, and he was burning up inside the pod. A death all ODST's feared.
The survivors hung their heads in silence, mourning the fallen comrade.
Collision with the ground came in seconds.
Theo slammed the pressure release on his pod, and jumped out, pulling out the weapons from the pod as well.
He activated his helmet comms. "Buckley, you touch down ok?"
"Yeah, just barely though." The private coughed.
"And you, Simmons?"
"Yes sir." The private replied.
"Private Sanchez, do you read me?"
Silence filled TEAM-COM.
"Sanchez, do you copy?"
Another fallen ODST.
Used to the death of many, Theo resumed business as usual.
"Team, my radar's picking up a open area in the woods, about a half-mile from me. We meet up there."
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Meets Halo(T For Teen)   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:16 am

/Acessing- ODST Unit Theta-3 AV Log
The three surviving ODST's converged upon the clearnce in the woods.
The three reported to the center, and compared equipment.
"Let's see... Three standard model BR-85's, a sniper, pistols, an MA5, plus a coupla' grenades... Am I missing anything?" Theo asked, looking over thier items.
"The boomstick, sir." Simmons said, gesturing to his rocket launcher.
"Ah, yes, the boomstick. But, anyways, pack it up, let's get a move on."
Little did they know, they were being watched by two natives of the planet.
Namely, A Joltik, and it's trainer, a Pokemon Ranger.
"I don't like this, Joltik. Let's put a stop to it, shall we?" The ranger told his Joltik, who nodded in reply.
"Ok then.. JOLTIK USE QUICK ATTACK!" The Ranger shouted.
The three ODST's whirled around quickly enough to see the strange alien creature nail Buckley in the chest, and send him flying backwards.
"Simmons, fire on the innie! We'll take the alien!" Theo shouted, as he pulled out his pistol, instantly assuming the Pokemon Ranger was an insurrectionist.
As Simmons opened fire with the assault rifle, The Ranger called, "Joltik, jump up and hit him again!"
As the tiny creature lept up, Buckley, the Pistolero he was, whipped out his weapon and blew the miniature alien out of the sky is a cloud of blood and yellow bits.
At the same time the Joltik fell, the ranger was shot and killed.
Theo swore. This wasn't good. Insurrectionists in alliance with strange, bug like aliens. Almost like how the Drones were in the human-coveant war.
"Men, we need to move. They'll probabaly be mobilizing better armed men to this position what with all the gun fire. Based on the map this innie had, there's a city about a mile south of here. Lets MOVE Helljumpers!" Theo cried.
Pokemon Meets Halo(T For Teen)
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