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 My pokemon creepyppasta: Piercing platinum

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PostSubject: My pokemon creepyppasta: Piercing platinum   Fri May 10, 2013 11:42 pm

Chapter 1:

I was so happy when D,P,and P came out.I couldn't wait to play platinum on my Gameboy advance,since I had just spent 50 dollars on it.I had just bought platinum for 10 more dollars.I popped it in.I played and beat Silver version on my DS.I had these stats the last time,I had abandoned that one.

Name: Gavin
Badges: 4
Grovyle,level 86
Linoone,level 60
Pikachu,level 60
Lugia,level 87
Celibi,level 100

Money: $500

I pressed start.This surprised me.There was a long screech of pain,then there was a save file:

Name: ...
Badges: 50000000000001

Money: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

I saw my team.I just went on.It was where I had abandoned Gold,in sprout tower.Only it was the tower in platinum,where you meet spiritomb.I ran out as fast as I could.I ran out of that place.It turned to black.Suddenly,a red scary face came up.A message appeared as the face moved it's mouth.The message was "Ha! That's what they all try!Want to play with me?" I didn't get a choice.I was now in that cave where you meet unowns.It was a hidden passage.I heard the same screech.The screen made everything looked red.Grovyle was out with me here.That face flashed in the middle.Another message appeared."Welcome to my play room." Suddenly there was a portal like place.The face was shielded by the beams.A black shadow appeared.A battle came.I dropped my jaw.It was a wild Giratina.It was level 42,000,000.I knew that was super impossible.I battled,and lost.Suddenly, The face appeared bigger.My trainer sprite looked like it was bloody and laying down.The face was laughing at my dead sprite.Another message came."I will now turn off this DS,and if you dare to open again,I will start killing your pokemon.If you come on a 6th time,I will give you your fate.
My pokemon creepyppasta: Piercing platinum
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