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 The Book (Semi-Creepy Story)

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PostSubject: The Book (Semi-Creepy Story)   Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:04 am

(Hello fellow members of this site, I am Poochyena and I want to say, I think your all awsome and if you like it, rate it on how much you like it and how creepy it is, my rate would be Like: 9 Creepy: 7)

A kid named Joe was walking around his village, when he noticed an old lonely library. He decided to enter the worn down building, being the curious child, he looked at all the books and webs. Joe notice something move on on the shelf "Probably a rat wanting to read" he joked. He went over to the book that moved and read the title "Joe's Death". He opened it up, and it only had on page, it confused Joe because it feels heavy and it originally looked like it had many pages, he read the only line "Hi Joe". Joe looked at it, confused about it. "Why is this book here?!" he said, he closed it, looked at it, then opened it again, but now it said "Why aren't you saying hi? Are you scared?" and it had a picture of a creepy smile. This really creeped Joe out since it had said something different with no picture, but he said "Hey" then closed and opened the book, saying something different "That's better, I have a question, do you fear books?" and it had a normal looking book under it. Joe said to the book fearfully "De- depends" he gulped, then he closes and opens again "I hope so, cause then you know you should've ran" read the text on the book, blood starts dripping from the book as it grows teeth. Joe drops the book and turns. Sadly Joe couldn't run because of all the book in the library was jumping off shelfs and growing teeth. Joe screams, terrified as the books jump onto him and tear at his flesh with the teeth, not leaving a trace of him once they were done, the only thing left of Joe now, is the memories that others had of him, and pictures of him on a missing child paper, with all the other missing people paper that said "Last seen near the library"
The Book (Semi-Creepy Story)
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