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 My encounter with Slender man

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PostSubject: My encounter with Slender man   Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:38 pm

Yeah,so,this is the story of my experience of Slender man.

It was a pretty nice morning.I decided to go for a stroll in a small forest.I had just been playing the Slender game.I had gotten 4 of 8 notes.At least half,that's good.I walked along a path and stopped when I saw some bushes move.My decision was that it was slender man! I was about to scream,but then it stopped and 2 chipmunks with nuts hopped out."What was I thinking?" I asked myself. "Slender man isn't real.He's just a game character." Afterwards I walked home.I saw a shadow on a tree.I blinked,and it was gone."No,it's not slender man" I told myself.I went inside.I took of my shoes and went to my room.I looked out the window and saw the shadow again."relax,it's not Slender man.He's NOT real" I said after the shadow had vanished.To take my mind of it,I played Slender.This time I got seven notes.I was looking for the one that said "Don't look,or it'll get you" but it was no where.I suddenly saw a piece of paper on my lamp.I flipped it over.


It was the note.Suddenly on the game,it said I had gotten all 8.I ran to the entrance safely.but first I decided to see if slender man was there,so I went to the right.I went to the edge of it but there was no slender man.I looked out the window at the road roaring with cars.I saw a white head with no face staring back at me.I walked out of my room and walked into the living room.I turned on the TV.I saw something the freaked me out! it was the operator symbol.I screamed.Then I tried to call my Best friend Peter but when I picked up the phone I heard a large screech.Then the TV turned to static.Then I saw a brief Picture of Slender man's head.I couldn't take it.I'm gonna...KILL SLENDER MAN!

Haven't seen him since but I will report back when I have more.
My encounter with Slender man
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