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 A request for Fennekin, a nice sprite animation

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PostSubject: A request for Fennekin, a nice sprite animation   Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:35 am

Alright Fennekin, you already said you would make it (Not sure you'll make all three, I know about the last one though (Made a new scene, it's the third one, so now there's four))

Scene 1:
Pooch is running and finds Fennekin who is chasing their tail, Pooch waves hi then runs off

Scene 2:
Pooch is still running and meets Jirachi, a star appears above the two, and bacon or any other meat appears for Pooch who eats it, then Pooch runs off again

Scene 3:
Pooch running, meets an Articuno and a Ho-oh, called Arctic and Ranbo, two pokemon has raised up since they were babies, and he hugs the two, then runs off

Scene 4:
Pooch is again running, but meets Renil, who put their heads together and a heart appears above the two, soon Pooch runs off again

P.S. If anyone wonders about some of these pokemon, from CBRP Pooch has met them, Jirachi is a friend, Arctic and Ranbo babies Pooch found and raised, Renil, an Umbreon, is Pooch's lovely girl, second one since the first one turned out to be a demon and pretty much, Pooch didn't even care about, but she kept using attract on him everytime he no longer affectionate, but yeah, some history of Pooch

I want it to loop, please and thank you Fennekin
-Your friend, Poochyena
A request for Fennekin, a nice sprite animation
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