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 Legend of Kyurem: The Ice World

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PostSubject: Legend of Kyurem: The Ice World   Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:33 pm

Chapter 1: The Yell
"Now what?" Asked Lissa, "I'm working on it! Don't rush me!" Jay said firmly.
Lissa and Jay have been lost in Minu-ruin cave for a hour now. And Jay's "Brain Compass" Wasn't any help either. Lissa had blue eyes and a brown ponytail and has a very Serious sense of humor. But Jay, he had green eyes and short black hair...And was the 'Funny' one, not accordingto Lissa. Lissa rolled her eyes annoyed "Just admit it Jay, we're lost. And this "Brain Compass" of yours is getting on my nerves!" Lissa said. "You couldn't have grabbed a MAP maybe at the Pokemon Center?!" Jay became really annoyed. "If YOUR so smart, why don't YOU lead us out of this maze?!" Lissa liked that idea. "Fine, I will," And she walked along with her Latias in it's pokeball.

Suddenly, Lissa saw light ahead and yelled "Yes! FINALLY! See Jay? I TOLD you I would find the way ou---" But when she turned around...Jay was nowhere to be found. "J-Jay?" She said nervous. "If this is one of your little tricks....Cut it out!" She heard her voice echo off the walls of the cave.
Then she heard a roar outside the cave, then a yell ''HELP!''
''I know that voice...JAY! I'm coming!'' Lissa yelled as she ran towards the cave exit. Then...The voice stopped yelling. ''oh no...am I too late?'' Her voice started to shudder once she saw where the scream had come from.

Chapter 2: The Ice Crystal
"J-J-J...!!" She couldn't speak at that moment. She was so freaked out.
"J-J-Jay!!" She finally said. Jay had been frozen somehow into an ICE CRYSTAL and beside him was his partner Latios...not frozen but ramming into Jay's crystal trying to free it's master,
"Oh Latios, Let Latias help you." Lissa insisted. together, the two pokemon tackled into the crystal until they had made a crack in it! Lissa held a really important item tight in her hand. Then, A figure appeared behind her...before the beast could attack, it saw the item and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. "Come on Latios! Come on Latias! Break that Ice!" Lissa said hopefully. Once hearing THAT...
CRASH! SMASH! SHUTTER! The two pokemon broke through the ice crystal! Jay fell down but got up , rubbed his head and said a firm "Ow! What the--?" Lissa ran to him to see if he was ok.
"Jay...Your ok right?" Lissa asked sort of scared. "Who are you...?" He asked.
"Oh no." Lissa panicked. "JUST KIDDING! Oh WOW! You should have SEEN the look on your FACE!''
Jay had a cruel laugh. ''Why you little...!!'' Lissa gave Jay a Knuckle sandwich and laughed as jay held his stomach and ran around in circles yelling: ''OOOOOOOW!!! THAT REEEEEALLY HUUUUUUUURT!'' Lissa had the final laugh before they both turned around and saw something.

Chapter 3: The Weather Trio Attack
Behind then stood the three legendary Weather Trio, Lissa and Jay have met these three before and they all became great friends...but this time,they looked different! They`re eyes were red and they`re clouds spiked up. ''L-Lissa....I don`t think these are OUR Weather Trio...'' Jay shuddered.
''Yeah, thanks for the info Captain America.'' Lissa said annoyed. ''I`M Captain America?! I didn't know!'' He tried to fly and fell flat on his face. ''OOF!''
Lissa smacked her hand on her forehead. ''NO, THAT WAS SARCASM!'' She yelled.
Maybe she shouldn't have done that...Because they got angry and made an avalanche.
Jay and Lissa jumped on they're Pokemon and flied away trying to escape...but these legendary Pokemon were NOT about to give up! They followed them and used a Hyper Beam followed by air slash and jay started yelling ''Aaaah! I'm going down! Man down! Man Down! I'm loosing altitude!''
Lissa rolled her eyes and her Latias used Psycic on everyone to help them get to safe ground.
''Really? You were 'loosing altitude'?'' Lissa asked confused and laughed while saying it.
''Hey, I couldn't think of anything BETTER to say! what did you want me to say?? ZIPPOFART?!''
Lissa had an odd look on her face and said to herself ''He must have hit his head...about 20 times''
she joked. ''I HEARD THAT'' Jay yelled. They looked up in the air and the three Pokemon had fled.
''Sooo....Now what?'' Jay asked. ''We're going to find the creeps who did this to them.'' Lissa said in an angry tone

Chapter 4: The Nightmare sighting
Lissa set up camp as Jay just sat under a tree and napped. ''Gee, thanks for the help JAY.'' She said so jay could hear her. ''H-huh? Oh...yeah sure...whatever.'' He mumbled and went back to his nap.
Lissa laid down and fell asleep pretty fast. A lot had happened today. She was Pooped.
As Jay dreamed of Ponies and Unicorns In rainbow land, Lissa was turning side to side having a nightmare.... but to her, it seemed like a future sightings. Which she has once and a while.
What happens in the nightmare/Dream:
Lissa walked around in a dark cave like the one She and Jay had been through...But it was darker, and Jay wasn't there... ''Jay...? Latias? Anyone?'' She asked.
Then, her dream became fuzzy...which usually means the person in her dream is being attacked...
The last thing she saw was a pair of yellow and red eyes appear before her. Then she shot up out of her sleeping bag, and flew up and got stuck in a tree in her sleeping bag. ''WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!''
She yelled. Then fell on the ground. ''OOF'' Jay walked up to her eating an apple. ''Hi. You ok?''
Jay Asked. ''Oh sure...If falling from a tree in a sleeping bag is ok...then YEAH, I'm FINE.'' She said.
''Oh, Ok good. I thought you were hurt. Oh well. Back to my Apple.'' And he just kept eating.
''Omg.'' Lissa thought to herself. ''How did I even get stuck with this guy?!''

How Lissa got stuck with Jay in the first place:
Ok, so here's the deal... Lissa met Jay at age 5 when Lissa moved into jay's town...And to tell the truth... tho Lissa is a little harsh on Jay... She kind of has a crush on him...I didn't tell you that. I:I
Jay has always been the funny one and they both adore pokemon. So when they were 8, they both made a promise to each other they'd travel together on a Pokemon journey...And knowing Lissa,She NEVER breaks a promise...even if she wanted to. She just couldn't! SO now she's stuck with Jay until either Jay gives up and goes on his own OR they finish they're journey.
So if anyone was wondering about how they met...there it is!

Chapter 5: Kyuem's Legend
Lissa got up and said to Jay "I'm going into that cave over there and search for anything that will help us." Not that jay cared at the moment. "Whatever, just go so I can finish my apple!" Jay said.
Lissa walked into the cave and looked on the walls and saw a legend written there.
'Kyurem was the protector of the world... Along with Reshiram and Zekrom. Those three kept the world in balance! Reshiram provided the light of the world, Zekrom provided night and electricity, and Kyurem made winter and anything cold. But one day, Kyurem saw the happy Pokemon and humans during the day and night... But at winter, everyone was in they're houses or having a cold and not enjoying the gifts Kyurem had provided. So Kyurem went into a rage. Reshiram and Zekrom tried to stop him but all 3 ended up destroying a town during the battle. They fought for days until they all turned to stone. Zekrom is now the dark stone, Reshiram is the light stone... And Kyurem is a statue. Kyurem will only be released if a Latios and Latias enter its cave, make it out... And meet the weather trio.'
"Oh no." Lissa gasped. "WE unleashed Kyurem!!"

Chapter 6: The Tear
Lissa ran to Jay, and told him about the legend. He was SO stunned to hear that he slipped and dropped his apple. "N-No...! There HAS to be a way to stop him then!" Jay said.
"And....you owe me an apple." Lissa became so annoyed with him. "FORGET.THE.APPLE!!
THE WORLD IS ENDING! AND ALL YOU CAN THINK OF IS FOOD?!" Jay paused and thought for a moment and then said "Yeah, that's right. And If you have a problem with what I think of...Then go stop Kyurem YOURSELF. I'm not going to stand around here to get insulted." Lissa could tell Jay was serious. Lissa felt like saying "OK FINE! THEN I WILL GO ALONE." But she couldn't... Latias couldn't help but read Lissa's thoughts and sent them to Latios...but sent them to Jay by accident.
Latios froze. And said "La...ti...oops..." Latias was stunned too. once jay got the message, he just stared at Lissa. Tears came into Jay's eyes, and Lissa knew she had thought something wrong.
"So...That's how you really feel?" He said trying to keep his cool. Lissa had nothing to say...mainly because she didn't know what to say. Jay thought Lissa didn't want to be friends anymore... but Lissa only wanted Jay to know how serious this problem was. Jay suddenly turned around and walked away as tears dribbled down his cheek. "I thought we made a promise...I guess you couldn't keep it." he said firmly as he walked away with Latios following him from behind. With it's head down.
Mainly because Latios sent the message to Jay. Latios looked at Lissa and Latias then turned back away. He went into his Pokeball...and didn't want to come out. "what have I done?" Lissa said to Latias. Latias went into her Pokeball without the command. Now she was alone in the camp site...
With no friends or Pokemon to be with her.

Chapter 7: The Vision
Lissa walked alone around the mountain abandoned by Jay... And Latias.
Then, she saw a pair of pure white eyes staring at her.
"Yaaaaaaagh!!" She yelled frightened, then she blanked out, for she was having a vision...
A thick white smoke surrounded her and she couldn't see where she was.
"H-hello??" She asked. "Anyone her---" BLZZZZZT!
She heard a yell for help just like Jay's!
"J-Jay?!" She couldn't see him. Then, the smoke cleared and she saw Jay there. Frozen. And motionless.
Lissa ran to Jay as fast as she could. She kneeled to the frozen Jay and said
"I'm sorry... This is my fault... If this is your future... I'LL FIX IT."
She said and cried for Jay to come back. Then her vision stopped and she was in reality hearing a voice.
"Lissa...Lissa... Come on wake UP Lissa!"

Chapter 8: The Vision Was True
Lissa awoke in Jay's arms and saw he was close to tears. "Lissa...I heard you scream and I
got here as fast as I could..." Jay said, kind of sniffy. Lissa got up and said to Jay
"Your in danger here with me. Go...Before it's too late---"
Before she could finish her sentence... The same thick smoke from her Vision appeared and surrounded Jay and Lissa. Jay was scared but got up and said "W-What's happening??"
"My Vision...It's true!" Lissa said quietly. "Quick! Look for a flash of light!"
The two looked around swiftly but didn't see anything. Lissa saw the flash right behind Jay!
"JAY!! BEHIND YOU!!" She cried. Jay saw the light and a beam was heading straight for him,
Lissa still felt bad for what she did to Jay...So he decided to make a huge sacrifice to him.
Lissa pushed Jay out of the was because he was so scared he couldn't move.
"Wait...!! LISSA!!" He yelled. He fell down and watched in horror as the beam of light colored ice hit Lissa. A thin layer of ice covered the ground and Jay slipped and slided as he made his way to Lissa.
Frozen. And Motionless. Like in Lissa's Vision. But it was LISSA frozen, not Jay!
before she went back to reality... the person in the ice wasn't Jay, it was LISSA.
From it's pokeball... Latias sent the vision to Latios who sent it to Jay.
Soon he understood everything. "Oh man... Lissa..." He said to the frozen Lissa.
"I'm sorry."

Chapter 9: Combined Powers Make One
Lissa was still alive and could hear everything Jay had said.
Latios and Latias Hyper Beamed Lissa to break the ice...It worked! But something odd happened.
As soon as the ice cracked and Lissa got up again, an earthquake happened and Kyurem Stood before them. Eyes not yellow...but RED. Red with anger. "CHILDREN, WHY DO YOU WISH TO STOP ME." He said in anger. "So you won't be able to destroy the world." Jay said,
"Yeah, If we don't stop you from freezing the world....it will shatter and not even YOU will survive!" Lissa said angry at Kyurem. "If the trio can't stop you...I WILL!" Kyurem roared and hit the ground...
huge ice pallets were spiking out of the ground heading for Jay,Lissa,Latios, and Latias.
The four held on to each-other and shut they`re eyes and said in they`re heads ''Help us someone...'' And sure enough, Reshiram and Zekrom appeared in front of the four!
''We heard your call for help. You guys go...WE'LL take care of Kyurem.'' The two legendary Pokemon commanded. They ran to a safe cave and hid there while they watched the three Pokemon battle.
Kyurem used ICE WORLD on the battle field and he yelled ''YOUR TOO LATE! SOON THE WORLD WILL BE MINE!!'' Reshiram smiled and said ''Oh really? Have you forgotten I'm a FIRE TYPE? AND I know Fusion Flare!!'' And reshiram used Fusion flare and took out all the ice that Kyurem Created.
AND Kyurem was locked back as a statue...until the end of time. Lissa and Jay ran to hug Reshiram and Zekrom. ''Thank you...We couldn't have done it without you!'' Jay said proud
The two pokemon flew away and Lissa and Jay headed to the next town.


Coming soon...

Legend of Genesect: Tri-Type!
Legend of Kyurem: The Ice World
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