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 Keep him on a lead

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Max Silver
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PostSubject: Keep him on a lead   Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:38 am

(May not be P.C enough for everyone but oh well)

The sun warmed the Pokemon's coat that was still shedding from a long winter. The puppy Pokemon stretched out his body and opened his eyes. He began to look around the small yard that he had grown accustomed to over the years. The Pokemon wandered over to the houses back door and began its usual whimper so it's owner would know it was time for breakfast. The Pokemon continued to whine and bark until after what seemed like an age to the Pokemon, his owner came down the stairs. He opened the door and smiled brightly and his Pokemon.

'Hi Boy, you ready for some food?' The young boy asked, beaming at Growlithe. He barked happily as a response to his offer and followed his trainer inside. The young boy poured a large bowl of poke-chow for Growlithe. The Growlithe leaped at the bowl and began eating the food as quickly as it could, happy as could be. Growlithe then licked the bowl and barked to announce he was finished. The young boy smiled down at Growlithe and gave him a pat.

'Wow that was fast, you must of been hungry' The boy said. 'How bout a walk then?' Growlithe jumped up on the boy and licked his face playfully. He then proceded to run around madly waiting for the door to be opened so he could go exploring.

'Alright just a sec Growlithe let me get your lead.' The boy said, about to turn back. But before he could he got a glimpse of Growlithe's face. The puppy Pokemon had widened its eyes and began to whimper. The young boy chuckled a bit then turned back.

'Alright no lead, you just be good' the young boy said. 'Lets get going then.' The duo proceded down the long road that lead into the peaceful countryside. The two past a Milktank farm that had several young Milktank grazing. The two continued along when they came across a Mareep farm.

'Hey Growlithe look at all the Mareep!' The young boy yelled, pointing at the large flock. Growlithe's ears pricked up as his trainer said this. It had never seen the so many Mareep before. And best of all they didn't have a trainer in sight! Growlithe thought he had hit jackpot.

'Alright Growlithe lets keep moving' The boy said. But Growlithe had no intention of leaving , he use his hind legs to jump high over the fence and began to chase down the Mareep. The young boy didn't even notice that Growlithe had run off until he heard him bark in the distance.

'Growlithe no stop!' The boy yelled, as he jumped the fence himself and began chasing after Growlithe. But he was far too late. Growlithe had a Mareep in sight and was getting ready to leap onto the helpless Mareep.

'NO GROWLITHE DON'T!' The boy screamed, tears coming to his eyes.

The boy didn't stop crying all night. All he could think about was begging and pleading to the farmer to let Growlithe off. But that wasn't going fly. That wasn't how the law worked. He had to give up Growlithe, and never see him again. He never even got to say goodbye to his best friend. There was no way he would ever get over what had happened. If only he put that lead on him, maybe he would still have his best friend, and maybe Growlithe would still be alive.
Keep him on a lead
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