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 F.A.Q. and Important Links

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PostSubject: F.A.Q. and Important Links   Sun May 20, 2012 12:08 am

Q: "How do I play?"

A: Pokemon World RPG is a text-based forum role playing site. This means that we aren't a flash game or anything. We play by typing out bits and pieces of an adventure like a story, and allow other people to build on the adventure by acting as other characters and wild Pokemon.

Q: "How do I get a character?"

A: You create your character following a loose guide line template by copy-pasting it into a new topic in the Trainer Creation section. You then need to fill out the template accordingly, and post it with your trainer's name as the subject line. Links: Template - New Post

Q: "How do my Pokemon battle?"

A: There are many informational posts under the section labeled "Rules and Information" that contain details like this. LINK

Q: "How do my Pokemon get stronger?"

A: The experience system and leveling system can be found in the link for the previous question. You gain experience through battles, training topics, or contests.

Q: "How do I earn money?"

A: Money is earned in a similar fashion to the video game counterpart. Defeating trainers and gym leaders will always yield money. Selling items from your inventory, and entering contests can earn some too. Bounty hunts or in RP quests are also useful for monetary gain.

Q: "Can I start with a legendary Pokemon?"

A: No. Not for your first character anyway. For a later character you might be able to if an administrator gives you permission. Do NOT beg for a legendary. You definitely wont get one if you beg.

-More will be added as more questions pop up frequently-
F.A.Q. and Important Links
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