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 Once Upon a Time...

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PostSubject: Once Upon a Time...   Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:34 am

It is rude for me not to introduce myself,I am Jaystar.I have a story to tell you about how I met my mate...well almost mate until a disaster came to the clan.I'm glad you want to listen,not many want to hear my sad story.MouseFire tries to cheer me up but she thinks I don't hear her and TawnyFeather's love for me before they sleep.On with the story shall we.It was love a first site between Willowpaw and me.That time I was called Jaypaw.It was a clan meeting Lionkit was becoming Lionpaw and all apprentice were getting there mentors.Creamestar was my mentor.It was great to have the leader as my mentor.Willowpaw and me were at the lake watching the stars when everyone was asleep we would always say our dreams as warriors pounce on each other.We explored the tunnels slept outside the clan close together twining our tails.Sometimes Creamestar would be out hunting so I would be training with Willowpaw and her mentor.After awhile we became warriors and were given our names.Willowpaw became Willowpetal,and I Jaypaw became Jaystorm.Mom always wanted me to be the best I can.When Creamstar died of Greencough she put me in charge.She counted on me.I didn't want to let my mentor down so I did what I have to do.Shadowclan attacked us and surprisingly it was a lot.When we drove them out of the clan I looked for Willowpetal.I saw nothing I left Mousepaw in charge and she did well for 4 days of keeping the clan okay.When I came back in tears Mousepaw became Mousefire and then the gathering came.All 4 clans came together and I saw Willowpetal she was with Riverclan and it surprised me.I asked her to come back.She denied it and said she was never coming back,harsh way to.I didn't want to lose the one I love so I came to the clan trespassed a bit and almost got my fur clawed off.She denied it still and hissed at me with a goodbye.I cried that time to see that she left me over an attack I wanted to tell her it wasn't my fault.But she hissed at me every time and once she even attempted to claw me!I gave up knew she wasn't coming back next gathering we both looked at each other like we were in love again but she said "Oh hey Jaystorm."She knew I was leader she knew I was.I looked away and as much as I didn't want to go speak at a crying moment.I went to the clan again and Mousefire and TawnyFeather's love for me began. Don't know why they bothered me but I gave Willowpetal a chance I picked a flower her favorite and ran to her clan but then they said she died from Blackcough.My flower dropped and I felt dead then but I fainted.It was to painful for me and it was done.She's starclan and maybe mad at me still for something I didn't do. Mousefire and TawnyFeather are the only I have but they aren't the same as Willowpetal. She was my petal no matter how mad she was at me.So that's my story my fellow warriors and remember love can be painful.
Once Upon a Time...
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