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 Zombie Killers Unite- RPG

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PostSubject: Zombie Killers Unite- RPG   Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:13 pm


Zombie Killers Unite is a text-based roleplaying game, brand new, and looking for members.

After years of peaceful life, the virus struck. If one person was infected, so were all the people around them. After a few months, the world was crawling with the undead, and small groups of survivors doing their best to kill off the undead hoards, and keep each other alive. You find yourself in an abandoned University, in the middle of the city named Herondale. You're job is to find other survivors and form a team. You'll never get out of the city alive without them. Wtih you're team, you have to escape the University with the supplies you have and make your way through the city. Once you've made your way through the town, you and your team find yourselves at the edge of a forest, the moans of the undead muffled by the thick fog. You've heard radio broadcasts that the military is making rounds and picking up surviving teams. You have to get through the forest as fast as you can, but also carefully. It's easy to lose your team in the thick fog. You lose your team, you're alone. If you're alone, you'll soon end up as one of the infected, hungry for human survivors, and with dark, lifeless eyes.

I'm looking for more members, mods, and a couple more admins.
Do you have what it takes to keep yourself and your team alive?
Zombie Killers Unite- RPG
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